Center for Pediatric Therapy


Hours Of Operation
Monday - Thursday
 : 9 AM - 6PM
Friday : 9 AM - 5PM

Occupational Therapists work with children and their families in order to improve function in activities of daily living (ADL's) such as self-care skills and school related activities. Early intervention can often improve:
Fine Motor Coordination/Dexterity                                 Attention/ Focusing/Direction Following
Eye Hand Coordination                                                          Sensory Defensiveness/ Tactile
Endurance/ Strengthening                                                    Body Awareness/ Position in Space
Handwriting/ Scissor Skills                                                   Sensory Processing                                                   
Motor Planning/Praxis                                                           Sensory Diets
Oral Motor/Feeding                                                                 Social Interaction
Infants with Poor Sucking                                                     Dressing and other ADL's
Children with Food Texture Issues                                   Torticollis
Delayed Development in Infancy                                       Trunk Control/ Posture 

Physical therapists assist children and families in developing independent motor skills and mobility in their environment. The following are examples of skills addressed in PT:
Rolling and Crawling                                                                 Joint Range of Motion
Independent Sitting                                                                   Cruising/ Standing
Walking/ Gait Training                                                            Functional Mobility
Stair Climbing                                                                               Running, Jumping, Skipping
Endurance/ Strengthening                                                     Ball Skills
Stretching/ Myofascial Release                                            Toe Walking
Gross Motor Delay                                                                      Balance/ Coordination
Facilitate Normal Tone                                                             Rehab Post-Orthopedic Surgery
Kinesiotaping/ Inhibitive Casting                                        Rehab Post- Closed Head Injury

Speech Language Pathologists work with children and families in order to increase functional communication skills. The following areas are addressed in Speech Therapy:
Articulation/ Phonology                                                         Oral Motor Therapy
Fluency/ Stuttering                                                                    Swallowing/ Dysphagia
Receptive Language                                                                   Assistive Technology
Expressive Language                                                                 Phonemic Awareness
Voice Therapy                                                                              Sign Language
Auditory Processing                                                                  Cognitive and Academic Skills

The therapists at Center for Pediatric Therapy, Inc. are specially trained in Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Treatment. Individualized home programs are provided in conjuction with therapy goals. 
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